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Zanaflex Capsules ® and Zanaflex ® tablet computers are bioequivalent to each other under fasting disorders, however not under fed disorders.


When Zanaflex is used in people getting concurrent antihypertensive therapy, Monitor for hypotension.

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Tizanidine is a short-acting drug that should be taken only for everyday tasks that call for remedy for muscular tissue spasticity.


Inform clients that Zanaflex might create them to become sedated or somnolent as well as they need to make sure when doing tasks that require awareness, such as driving a vehicle or operating equipment.

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When muscle tone is required to ensure safe balance and motion for certain activities, do not utilize tizanidine at a time.


Individuals must be notified of the indicators and signs and symptoms of serious allergies and also advised to discontinue Zanaflex and also seek prompt healthcare must these indications and also signs take place.

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Clients ought to be educated of the indicators and also symptoms of severe allergies and also advised to cease Zanaflex and look for prompt treatment needs to these indications and also symptoms happen.


In the solitary dose, placebo-controlled research entailing 142 individuals with spasticity because of a number of sclerosis (Study 1)[ view Clinical Studies(14)], the individuals were particularly asked if they had experienced any one of the four most common negative responses: dry mouth, somnolence( drowsiness), asthenia (exhaustion, tiredness and/or weak point )and also lightheadedness.

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